Bugsnax Gives us a Taste of Gameplay in New Trailer

Just when you’d gotten that song out your head…

Making its return after June’s head-turning reveal, developer Young Horses has gifted the internet with its very first look at Bugsnax gameplay during this morning’s State of Play.

It’s now known that players will be assuming the role of an unnamed journalist going against the advice of their superiors to investigate rumblings of the titular and edible critters on Snaktooth Island.

Here, players will be engaging in simple tasks for the island’s inhabitants, and putting together an improvised arsenal of bug-catching tools. One mission, in particular, shows the protagonist shepherding a grazing burger into an enclosure by luring it along with tomato sauce, while another has us spying on a wriggling carrot to take photos for our critter encyclopedia.

Helping tie these otherwise disparate tasks together is Snaxburg, a once-bustling hub the player assists with reassembling over the course of the adventure. It seems as though the characters assisted throughout the journey will take refuge in our town and provide more effective snack-catching tools and funky cosmetic items to mix and match.

Just like with our first peek at the game, this new trailer concluded on a curiously sinister note as the player’s character gets caught in a storm, and consequently falls from a piece of scaffolding. State of Play’s new look at Bugsnax finally gave us some understanding of the type of activities players will be expected to undertake, but it’s the developer’s insistence on ending this trailer with another ominous cliffhanger that has me intrigued at the greater mystery lying beneath the title’s jolly exterior.

Bugsnax will be releasing this holiday season on PS4, PS5, and Epic Games Store.

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