Braid, Anniversary Edition Announced for 2021 Release

Jonnie Blow does it again

Announced during this morning’s State of Play presentation, Xbox’s classic Arcade title, Braid, is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2021. Called Braid, Anniversary Edition, it not only offers a high-definition overhaul which makes the hand-painted art style pop, and offers higher quality animations, but it also offers a rarely seen developers commentary on the levels and the game as a whole.

Braid creator, Jonathan Blow, wrote on Braid’s official website discussing why he felt the need to remaster the 2008 title, stating:

If you play original Braid on a 4k monitor, the result is blurry and unpleasant to look at. The original double-scale art that we had archived for Braid would still be blurry at 4k, and anyway it was never really meant to be seen at that level of detail.

– Jonathan Blow

He also discusses why he felt the need to add commentary, stating he wished more games did the same.

I want to cover all subjects involved in the game — art, programming, game design, level design, history of independent games, whatever else — and if you want a high-level, short explanation, you can get that, but if you want a 20-minute-long explanation of why a particular puzzle is the way it is, you can get that too.

– Jonathan Blow

Braid, Anniversary Edition will release sometime in 2021.

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