Story Mode Episode 7: Last of Us 2 Delay and Final Fantasy 7 ft. Josh Cotter

Can’t hang out with your friends in real life due to the lock-down? Good news, we brought an extra pal! This week Jesse, Keelan and Simon are joined by Josh Cotter to discuss the possibility of Mario remakes hitting the Switch, get educated with exoDOS, speculate on the Last of Us 2 delay (and if there are more delays to come), and get into the Final Fantasy 7 Remake! 


  Classic Mario Coming to Switch?: 00:02:25

  exoDOS Drops Some Knowledge: 00:08:20

  The Last Of Us 2 Delayed!: 00:12:50

  Our Thoughts on Final Fantasy VII – Remake: 00:19:35

  Outro and Plugs: 01:04:43


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