Story Mode Episode 2: Xbox Series X Tech Break-Down

Teraflops? Ray Tracing? Lockhart? Konosuba?! What does it all mean, Basil?! Join Jesse, Keelan and Simon as we go through some of the big gaming news of the week, and break down what the Xbox Series X tech specs mean for consumers


RIP Kazuhisa Hashimoto, creator of the Konami Code: 00:01:30

GDC Cancelled!: 00:05:32

Top 10 Pokemon and Zarude: 00:08:40

Main Topic

The Xbox Series X: 00:14:45

Teraflops: 00:18:40

VRS: 00:26:11

Ray Tracing: 00:29:42

Quick Resume: 00:34:44

Smart Delivery: 00:38:04

Launch Line-Up 00:41:50

Lockhart: 00:46:18

Price and Release Date: 00:57:50

Outro and Plugs: 00:01:30


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