Story Mode Episode 19: Avengers and Cyberpunk 2077

In one hell of a jam-packed episode, we dive into the return of Crash Bandicoot, the downfall of Mixer, Twitch giving Dr Disrespect the boot, harassment claims at Ubisoft, Pokemon Unite and all the new details for Avengers and Cyberpunk 2077!


  Crash Bandicoot: It’s About Time: 00:01:50

  Mixer says goodbye: 00:04:25

  Dr Disrespect kicked off Twitch: 00:09:35

  Harassment at Ubisoft: 00:13:45

  Pokemon Unite: 00:18:58

  New Smash Character: 00:25:08

  Animal Crossing July Update: 00:29:14

  Avengers War Table: 00:31:40

  Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire Ep1: 00:44:18


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