Story Mode Episode 14: Legends from Online Worlds

Sometimes online gaming can be the best way to escape the tedium of reality, so this week we share tales of intergalactic wars in GTAV, the bravery of the Noble 14 in Halo 2 and a plague that decimated WoW (Yeah, maybe that is a bit too real right now). We also sink our teeth into the Epic Store’s bounty of free games, a plethora of upcoming Take-Two titles and the adorable Paper Mario: The Origami King trailer.  


  93 Take-Two games in the pipeline: 00:01:40

  Epic Store’s epic giveaways: 00:09:04

  Paper Mario: The Origami King: 00:16:44

  Green Vs Purple in GTAV: 00:22:40

  Corrupted Blood in WoW: 00:33:58

  The Legend of The Noble 14: 00:44:34


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