Story Mode Episode 12: The Ins and Outs of Inside Xbox

Xbox brought some brand new third party games to the table, but did they meet expectations? This week we are joined once again by Josh Cotter to discuss each game presented at the Inside Xbox event, and whether or not the shows fumbles were due to poor messaging.

We also talk about sexy anime legs


  Bright Memory: Infinite: 00:08:40

  DIRT 5: 00:15:25

  Scorn : 00:18:25

  Chorvs: 00:21:00

  Madden 21: 00:24:08

  Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2: 00:27:55

  Call of the Sea: 00:32:00

  The Ascent: 00:34:50

  The Medium: 00:37:54

  Scarlet Nexus: 00:40:50

  Second Extinction: 00:45:55

  Yakuza: Like a Dragon: 00:47:34

  Assassin’S Creed: Valhalla: 00:53:10

  Outro and Plugs: 00:57:50


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